The General Format and Style of Writing a Personal Statement to Apply For PhD Study

Almost institutes ask their PhD applicants to submit a personal statement along with the admission application. This is the key element of PhD admission application that all applicants must be familiar with. Research proposal presented with the application contains the information about the research area of your interest along with the statement significance of research topic for the field of study. And the personal statement describes a candidate’ ability, suitability and skills those enable him/her to fulfil the prerequisites of getting admission in a doctoral degree. Many students who are writing a personal statement for the first time might find it a challenging task but actually, it is not but a simple way of showing and selling your skills in order to get an approval of your capabilities from the institute so they will call you eligible for the admission in PhD.

Here the discussion aims to let you know which key elements you always need to consider while writing a personal statement for a PhD application submission in any institute;

  • Your Academic Background

Here you need to tell about your academic life and which circumstances or events lead you to think about the chosen area of research. Keep that in your mind the supervisor or supervisory committee is really not interested in your whole life story a long story of that particular event. So be concise and precise in terms of writing your academic and research interest background.

  • Reasons for PhD Research

Not every student wants to study PhD, there are a few and you are among them so let your institute know what are the motives behind choosing you to be a doctor of your field of study. This section includes a briefing on the research topic that you might have described in a separate research proposal but here you are required to define the significance of your chosen research specifications.

  • Relevant Experience in Academic

There are plenty of prerequisites defined by each university to enrol an applicant for doctoral studies and most of the requirements are on the basis of your academic qualification and other academic experiences like teaching and research. So state these experiences with a clear relationship to the current research area and how these fulfil the prerequisites of the institute as criteria of PhD enrolment.

  • Relevant Experience in Extra-curricular

You might have worked in a field other than academia both in terms of professional and researcher. You can include all your relevant achievements if the experience does not sound directly relevant then you are suggested to not include that but if you want to state then make sure the relationship of that experience with your field or at least with research conducting and writing.

  • Future Goals

Everyone chose a field with a clear and concise goal that he/she wants to achieve through the accomplishment of study in the field that you also have so state them clearly with a direct relation to the research area. You can define how this PhD research is going to help you out in achieving your future goals.