Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tutorial Method Of Teaching

There are different methods of delivering the knowledge to the students. Among these methods, there is also a method of delivering the knowledge with the help of the tutorials. The tutorial method of teaching is the most effective and authentic way to deliver the knowledge that a book or a lecture. Its reason is that a tutorial is delivered to a small group of class. These teaching tutorials are held in the small teaching tutorials. If you don’t have enough idea about the tutorial method of teaching, then you can get help from the coursework paper writing services. Here, we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of the tutorial method of teaching.

Advantages of the tutorial method of teaching

The most important advantages of the tutorial method of teaching are given below;

  • The most important benefit of the tutorial method of teaching is to promote the learning process among the adults.
  • If you want to motivate the students, then a tutorial teaching method is also an effective way. These are helpful to fulfil all the demands of the students.
  • This tutorial method of teaching doesn’t depend on the time and other geography methods.
  • It is easy for the students to stop these tutorials when they don’t want to learn and want some freshmen. After some time, when they are in the fresh mood, then they can start it.
  • The students can easily skip all the sections of the tutorial that are not understandable for them or irrelevant to their topic.
  • As we know that a tutorial is an oral communication and a book is a written communication. Therefore, the students feel it easy to understand with the help of the oral communication than the written communication.
  • In a tutorial method of teaching, a class consists of the 25 students only. Therefore, it is easy for the students to get interaction with each other and to pay enough attention to the main theme of the topic.
  • The expert teachers can deliver the tutorials to the students either they are in the same institute or they are in the different institutes.

Disadvantages of the tutorial method of teaching

As we know that there are some positive as well as some negative impacts of everything. In a similar way, along with the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of the tutorial method of teaching. The main disadvantages of this important method of the teaching are given below;

  • During the process of delivering the tutorials, if the students are not able to understand something, then there is no possibility for them to ask questions. They have to clear those points by conducting an effective research.
  • The content of the tutorials is self-contained. Due to this self-contained content, there is a possibility that the density of this kind of teaching methods is high for the students.
  • The students are not able to get enough motivation with the help of these
  • The students also face some problems to change the content by using this important type of teaching.