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Wondering How to Write A Dissertation Conclusion? Discover Here to Understand The Structure of Dissertation Conclusion that is Required to Get A 2:1 Standard Dissertation!

Here We are Offering You Key Guidelines to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Chapter That Most of The Students Take Lightly.

You should never take the conclusions of your dissertation lightly. Give as much importance to the conclusion as you give to the introduction or any other part of your dissertation.

In the Conclusion, a student has to summarize whole research work and results. This chapter is a clear and specific expression of complete dissertation writing. To produce an effective conclusion, the writer not only needs good writing skills but also a critical thinking. Defiantly the writing of a conclusion chapter is key part in dissertation writing whether it is an undergraduate, masters or doctoral level dissertation. A student who becomes proficient in the techniques to write a good conclusion is definitely able to impart a good impression and it contributes to the authenticity of the final dissertation. Given below are some tips to write a conclusion that may assist you in completing this task.

Key Points To Be Included in a Dissertation Conclusion 

  • To write a good conclusion you should effectively recap whole dissertation by highlighting an abridgment of each dissertation chapter.
  • Study the conclusion chapters of well written existing dissertations as it will give you an idea of how to write a comprehensive dissertation conclusion.
  • The conclusion chapter must inform the reader on the answers of research questions and research objectives indicated in the introduction chapter.
  • The key quality of a successful conclusion is the preciseness and clarity of the information presented.
  • An effective dissertation is that which shows a good link between introduction and conclusion of dissertations.
  • Before writing the conclusion chapter, it is better to make an outline. This will help you to compose more cogent and logically organized conclusion.

Given Below Are Key Guidelines to Present Yourself in a Concise and Informative Manner in Your Dissertation Recommendations And Implications. So, Consider These Points Attentively!

Recommendations for Future Research:

You can enhance your conclusion chapter by adding recommendations for future researchers on the specific research area and also by pointing out the implications of the results of your study. The recommendation and implication part adds value to a dissertation document because it is the end product of much analysis and consideration.

Present a Link Between Research Questions and Outcomes:

Sometimes students are stuck in the conclusion because they fail to link the entire study in the conclusion chapter. Students in particular feel it difficult to tie up the different chapters within a conclusion. The conclusion chapter which is also the final chapter of your dissertation faces deadline pressures.

End Conclusion With a Question:

A unique approach that will enhance your conclusion is ending it with a question. Through a question you are in fact motivating the reader to conclude on their own the idea that you have given all through your dissertation. In brief your conclusion chapter should not be the end of study of your selected topic. In this chapter it is better to inform the reader what are further aspects to be researched in the study area and what are the ideas for future researchers. Thus by leaving a question in your conclusion that may require the readers to make a decisive choice is a key characteristic of this final part of dissertation.

Keep in Mind!

In the dissertation conclusion you don’t have to present new issues or ideas explored by someone else but it is the conclusion and brief of your own research. The conclusion chapter is the representation of the results you have drawn through your research.

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