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The first step of writing a dissertation is to write a Dissertation Proposal, so, it should be written in an accurate and convincing manner. Research Proposal is a necessary task for every student no matter he/she is a Graduate, Masters, Undergraduate or Doctoral student. A research proposal describes in brief the research problem, aims and objectives of the research and chosen methodology to address research questions. That is why a student is required to write an exact and authentic dissertation research proposal.

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Research Proposal Writing Help With Standard Research Proposal Format

A standard Research Proposal is usually 20 pages long depending on the academic level as well as the requirements of the university. Given below is a research proposal format that will help you if you want to write dissertation research proposal at your own;


  • Introduce your topic by briefly stating issues related to it
  • Describe Background of the study briefly
  • Describe key dissertation research questions

Statement of the Problem:

  • Discuss basic issues you are going to address
  • The research questions that are challenging?
  • Describe research problem and how it is important to explore

Theoretical Background:

  • You need to describe your own perspective on the research question
  • A detailed discussion on theoretical background and framework
  • Describe key discussion points
  • Detailed description of meticulous terminologies that you are using


  • Give a description to the research methods you are going to use for the study
  • Give an explanation on why these research methods are suitable


  • Give a list of references you used in your research proposal


  • It can be survey questionnaire if you are going to conduct a primary research
  • Interview questions
  • Time Plan of the Research

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To write an appealing research proposal the students are required full concentration, proficiency in research proposal writing as well as availability of resources required. In addition to that the topic you select must be new and unexplored as you have to defend it with arguments that it is worthy to be researched and it has the potential to contribute to the body of academic knowledge.

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