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Mostly students don’t have any idea as what a thesis statement exactly is? A thesis statement is in fact the foundation of your research project summed up into a statement of intent. A thesis statement is the key part of your thesis and informs the reader what the whole paper is about? In brief thesis statement is the base of your paper, so, you cannot take it lightly.

In an essay or any other assignment, the thesis statement usually consists of two sentences at a maximum. In the thesis statement the author gives a clear description of what he/she is going to discuss in the paper. The author has to present thesis statement in the last sentence of the first paragraph. In this sentence the author gives an indication of the stance or argument to the reader. Though usually an author presents thesis statement in the first introductory paragraphs, however in some cases it can be used in the concluding paragraph as well.

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A thesis statement that is written well can attract reader’s attention and will definitely contribute to the acceptance of the whole thesis by your supervisor. So, you need to take great care to write a thesis statement. A direct quote from a renowned writer can be used as a thesis statement that may create a clear picture of the thesis or its concept. Comparative to the thesis statement, problem statement is position that writer takes to prove a point in the thesis. So, the problem statement part of a thesis gives the reader hint about whole thesis content.

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  • You have failed to describe your thesis statement in one or two sentences that is the formal length of a thesis statement and it always becomes as long as a short paragraph

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We offer Thesis Statement That Has Following Features…

  • It is analytical because thesis statement discuss an issue covering all its aspects by evaluating and presenting it to the readers
  • It is expository because it explains a point to the reader and reader may know easily for which the topic dissertation is about
  • It is argumentative because it makes a claim and then provides arguments to prove this claim.
  • It is narrative because a thesis statement is a short outline of the nature of the thesis 

Wondering about How to Write a Thesis Statement?

While you are studying in a college, you have to write innumerous research papers and essays. In particular you are assigned persuasive essays. A persuasive essay is a form of essay that you have not been familiar with earlier but you have to learn it now. While you are composing a persuasive essay, you make efforts to influence the reader in a way that he/she may agree to your view point on a given topic. Summed up in one or two sentences this view point is called your THESIS STATEMENT.

Mostly the thesis statement is given in the beginning of essay usually in the last sentence of first paragraph. Yet, there are not hard and fast rules and your essay may not have a thesis statement within the content of essay. In such case, the thesis statement is included either before or after the essay.

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